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Certificate In Professional Technical Communication/Portfolio (140 Hours)

Self-paced Course, 100% Online, 3 Months to Complete, Begin Anytime


This Professional Technical Communication/Portfolio Certificate is designed

to help new and existing writers work within a range of styles specific

to the field of technical writing. This program focuses on advancing the

writing styles and competencies needed to create technical written

reports, project proposals, feasibility studies, website communications,

presentations, manuals, and other forms of technical correspondence.

A well-rounded technical writer should have knowledge and writing

experience across these areas.

Types of Documents include:


  • Proposals: persuasion, using data to make an argument, developing abstracts.

  • Data Reports: presenting data visually, writing with parallel structure.

  • Scientific Research: using citations, making abstracts concise.

  • How-To Guides: doing task analysis, working with lists.

  • Instructional Material: developing sample scenarios, monitoring user performance.

  • Articles: including real-world examples, being conversational with dense content.



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